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The Headquarter of Cachar District and Barak Valley of Assam, Silchar is a very important place in the state located 343 km south east of Guwahati on the banks of Barak River. The breathtaking natural splendour engulfing the whole land mass of this city coupled with its rich heritage makes Silchar a must visit destination if you are in Assam. This city will never disappoint you. Silchar’s Khaspur was once the capital of the Kachari kingdom where still exist the remnants of the Royal Palace of Khaspur in a place called Udharband 20 km away from Silchar city. Other laces of tourist interest are the Dolu Lake, Maniharan Tunnel, Badarpur Fort, Kancha Kanti Kali Mandir, Maibang and the Bhuban Hill.

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While you are at Silchar you can visit Maibong the ancient capital of the Kachari Kingdom. It houses the popular Ek Patthar Ghar which is an ancient Indian temple dating back to 12th century. Although Maibang is located in Dima Hasao district, it is only 62 kilometres from Silchar and is a great destination to visit if you are in Silchar. You may also visit the remnants of the Royal place at Khaspur. Dolu Lake is another lovely spot in Silchar. Maniharan Tunnel is only a few kilometres from Silchar and is a must-see if you're in the area.

The Badarpur Fort, located on the banks of the River Barak, should be next on your list. The Bhubaneswar Temple, one of Assam's most important Shiva temples, is located about 50 kilometres from Silchar on the top of Bhuban Hill. One has to hike from plains to reach the top where the temple is located. Kacha Kanti Kali Mandir established by the Kachari Dynasty is basically a Temple of Goddess Kali and Durga and is located about 14 km from city centre.

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Silchar has got some very good hotels ranging from budget to high-end.


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Apart from luxury bus services from Guwahati, Silchar is well connected by both air and rail. The airport is Kumbhirgram which is about 29 km from the city. The railway station is at a distance of 2 km from the city centre in Tarapur, Silchar.