River Cruises

Exploring Assam on a river cruise can be once in a lifetime trip to experience the mighty river. You will have an up-close view of life and culture in this land that is deeply influenced by the Red river. The splashes of the might river are sure to elicit a sense of awe and wonder in you, something that is rare these days. It is difficult to imagine Assam without the existence of the Brahmaputra River as it is one of the naturally gifted region of the country.

Along with the magnificent sightseeing of vast swaths of land, forest reserves, and monuments of historic value along the way, this ever-present, majestic Red River offers excellent tourism choices including cruises and adventure sports. River cruise is an amazing way to experience the beauty of Mother Nature. While you are on a river cruise on the Brahmaputra you actually witness stunning sights and the water which look like mirror sheets, reflecting pink-edged clouds and nature’s never ending delights, you will be thrilled to experience the tranquillity of the mighty river in a whole new way.

Many enthusiastic travellers and tourists’ come to Assam to experience a cruise in the Brahmaputra each year. They come to see the river whose name means son of Brahma, the Hindu God of creation. The most popular is the 10-day cruise which starts from Dibrugarh in eastern Assam and sails downstream along the Brahmaputra through one of the fascinating landscapes of India and everywhere, to Guwahati-the capital city- and then to Dhubri in the very west where Northeastern India ends and the river enters Bangladesh.

The Brahmaputra offers a beautiful and serene experience for travellers. There is no end activity in the cruise whether it’s counting dolphins, watching fishing boats that brings up tonnes of fish, or taking pictures of the scintillating landscapes or the migratory birds swopping down to grab a fish out of the sea.

However, the river swells during the summer and monsoon seasons, when cruises are not permitted. However, the months of October through April are sufficiently long to meet the Brahmaputra's challenge.

It is an adventure of its kind and one can choose among the prestigious upscale vessels available for a weeklong pleasure or mid-size cruise boat for a short trip. The government and private players do operate cruises on the river, the most popular ones being on the Guwahati-Kaziranga sector. Enjoy a fabulous range of interesting experiences while cruising this magnificent river. It offers something for everybody. Its options are plenty and discoveries are countless.

Mahabaahu River Cruise

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Alfresco Grand

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Brahmaputra Cruise Pvt. Ltd.

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River Queen (IWT)

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