Manas National Park

Manas National Park is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled wildlife habitats in the world located at the foothills of the Bhutan-Himalayas in Assam. Manas National Park is a unique biodiversity landscape where you can only find a biosphere reserve, project tiger reserve, elephant reserve and a natural heritage. Manas National Park with an area of 500 sq. kms is home to over 20 endangered species including the Royal Bengal Tiger, rare and endangered endemic wildlife like the Assam roofed turtle, hispid hare, golden langur and the wild water buffalo. The last population of pygmy hogs survives in the wild of Manas and nowhere else in the world. It is contiguous with Royal Manas National Park in Bhutan.

Days Required to Cover

Generally it requires two-three days to cover this unspoiled beauty.

Things to do

Manas National Park offers you a myriad of activities that include the jeep safari with a bouquet of memories to cherish for lifetime. Jeep safari is the perfect way to explore the park as one can witness wild animals from a safe distance. A jungle trail through the exotic wildlife might offer you to witness capped langur or even the rare golden langur. Elephant safari and rafting trip also provide the tourists with varied experience.

Visiting the adjacent Bodo villages to the park could be an added attraction for travellers to experience the Bodo people’s way of living, engaging with the villagers, and see Bodo women weaving their traditional fabrics.

Places to Visit

If you wish to extend your stay in Manas by one day, you can plan a daylong excursion to some really pristine natural location within a radius of 85 kms from Manas. Mother Nature will rejuvenate you and comfort your discerning eyes. Our local support in Manas National Park will guide and organise your full expedition with just a phone call @9707884206.

Best time of the year to visit

Manas National Park is open all year round, although the ideal time is to visit between November to April. The weather remains pleasant during this time of the year; thereby ensuring people to enjoy the diverse fauna and flora of the park.

Famous for

Rare and endangered endemic wildlife such as the one horned rhino, tiger, elephant, Assam roofed turtle, hispid hare, golden langur and pygmy hogs.

Accommodation facilities

Bansbari Lodge of Assam Tourism Development Corporation, The Musa Jungle Retreat, The Smiling Tusker Elephant Camp, The Florican Jungle Cottage, The Birina Eco Camp, The Sikhri Resort, The Camp Buffalo Retreat, The Manas Motel Tourist Lodge. There are also few homestays being set-up at Manas with the patronage of Tourism Department, Government of Assam under its “Aamar Alohi” scheme aimed primarily at the development of rural tourism sector.


How to reach

Guwahati is the nearest Airport ( 140 km ) by road, and Barpeta, the nearest township, 40 km away from Manas National Park has the nearest Railway Station. Bus services are available from Guwahati on regular basis, operated both by Assam State Transport Corporation and private operators. However, visitors are advised to travel by hired vehicles to save time as well as to be more comfortable. Assam Tourism Development Corporation, along with a host of other tour operators, offers a variety of vehicles at reasonable charges, along with an escort if required.

Current Weather

Manas National Park has a semi-tropical climate with extensive rainfall during the monsoon season, has hot and muggy summers and pleasant winters.