Majuli Island

Often called the soul of Assam, Majuli, the world’s largest river island lies at the heart of Assam and surrounded by the tumultuous water of Brahmaputra River spreading over an area of 421 sq. km. Majuli has been the cultural capital and the cradle of Assamese culture for the past five hundred years. The island has also been the hub of Assamese neo-Vaishnavite culture, initiated around 16th century by the great Assamese saint-reformer Srimanta Sankerdeva and his disciple Madhavdeva. They initiated the tradition of Satras and these Satras have preserved Sattriya dance, literature, bhaona (theatre), dance forms, mask making and boat-making. Most of the islanders belong to three tribes-Mishing, Deori and Sonowal Kachari with the non-tribal Assamese comprising the rest. Apart from Satras or Vaishnavite monasteries, Majuli is famous for mask-making and has a tradition of pottery making.

The island has through ages have good learning centre for neo-Vaishnavite philosophy as well as dance, music, painting, sculpture and dramatics. Each of the existing 22 Satras is like a self-contained educational institution too, headed by a Satradhikar who is a learned scholar, writer, playwright, actor and performer, apart from being a social reformer.

Majuli welcomes you to a magical journey with beautiful landscapes around, peaceful nature of rural life and rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. It is a mystique place wrapped in its rich history and culture. A visit to Assam will surely be incomplete without travelling to Majuli.

Days Required to Cover

To explore this natural wonder, one would require two-three days to cover all the major places of interest in Majuli.

Things to do

Explore the rural and tribal lifestyle of the indigenous tribal communities and you can gather deep insights into the day-day life of the locals. While exploring Majuli, you can also have a visual treat to know the mystical dance form and move to the rhythm of Sattriya dance. You can also indulge yourself in fishing activities or watch the locals clutching the fishing nets ready to throw it into the water. One can take a tour in the boats to witness the serene beauty of the island.

Places to Visit

Auniati Satra, Dakhinpat Satra, Uttar Kamalabari Satra, Natun Kamalabari Satra Garamur Satra, Bengenati Satra, Samaguri Satra, Bhogpur Satra, Adi Alengi Satra, Alengi Satra and Salmora Pottery Village.

Best time to visit

You can visit the island almost throughout the year but the best time to visit Majuli is during Raas Leela festival held in mid-November which is the main festival of Majuli with performances based on Lord Krishna.

Famous for

This cultural town of Assam is famous for the largest River Island in the world. It is also known for Satras, mask-making, bhaona (theatre) and dance forms.

Accommodation facilities

Majuli offers a various range of accommodations to enjoy the calmness and natural beauty. There are bamboo cottages, homestays available in Majuli. One can also stay at the Satras which have accommodation facilities for devotees and other visitors.


How to reach

Majuli is easily accessible by regular ferries that are available from Nimati Ghat, Jorhat. The nearest city to Majuli is Jorhat which is well connected by air and rail to the rest of the country. You can also hire a taxi, either from Jorhat or Majuli.