Kakochang Waterfalls : Hidden Gem of Assam

Located 13 km from Bokakhat of Golaghat district, this Assam’s hidden trove is a perfect weekend getaway for anyone seeking thrill and adrenaline rush. Locally called as Keipholangso, this waterfall is just a few minutes’ drive from Kaziranga National Park. As soon you reach the location, you will be in awe with the beauty of this waterfall. The crystal water that falls from the hilltop will create a pool for you to enjoy. A visit to this place will be a perfect escapade for travellers to unwind with a day of relaxation. To reach this exquisite beauty, travellers will have to trek around 4 kms from a village called Naharjan. Though the trek will be a tiring one but once you reach the waterfalls, you will forget all your tiredness and enjoy the serene beauty. This heavenly waterfall will not only provide a refreshing retreat but also magnificent views of the ruins of the historical site- Numaligarh and lush green plantations. If you are planning to take a shower in the waterfall, make sure that you carry extra clothes or a towel with you.

Days Required to Cover

Travellers will require at least a day to explore this heavenly beauty well.

Things to do

After trekking for a while to reach the waterfalls, travellers can have a fresh plunge in the cool water and relax by the pool. Don’t forget to get some pictures for your gram!

Places to Visit

While you soothe your mind and body at the Kakochang waterfalls, there are few attractions nearby that are worth visiting. Those are ruins of historical site-Numaligarh, Deoparbat, sprawling tea plantations and rubber farm.

Best time to visit

This waterfall is best to visit between the months from October to March.

Famous for

This waterfall is famous among people for its breath-taking pristine beauty. The ruins of historical site-Numaligarh can also be viewed from this place.


Accommodation facilities

Visitors can consider staying in Kaziranga National Park and Bokakhat while they make a trip to Kakochang Waterfalls. There are varied range of hotels and resorts with excellent facilities.

How to reach


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