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A very important town on the southern side of Assam is the gateway of the North-East Frontier Railway Zone with its railway station being the 2nd biggest railway station. It is one of the most populated urban area of Assam. Bongaigaon as a district has a lot to offer for tourists with a virgin wildlife sanctuary ‘Kakoijana’ located 14 km from Bongaigaon Township. This forest is famous for golden langur. Other places of tourists interest are Nakkati Hills, Koyakujia Beel, Bagheswari Temple, Rock Cut Cave (Jogighopa), Tamranga Beel, Shankarghola and Bhairav Hill, Mahadev Hill, Ganesh Temple at Lalmati (Archaeological Site) and Nigamghola Rural Tourism Site.

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Bongaigaon Town has got some very good hotels ranging from budget to high-end.

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If you are visiting Manas National Park you can always plan a trip to Bongaigaon, which is 82 km away. You can stay for a night at Bongaigaon and visit the prominent places of tourist interest the next day. If you have a packed schedule, you can leave for Guwahati in the afternoon as it is only a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Bongaigaon.

A visit to Kakoijana Wildlife Sanctuary and seeing the rare golden langur would be an unforgettable experience. If lucky enough, a beautiful click of the primates will be ice on the cake. A hike to Nakkati Hills, which many tourists from the United States of America and neighbouring nations compare to McAfee Knob in the USA, who have visited this place due to its resemblance to the latter, will leave you awestruck if you are an adventure seeker. A trip to Koyakujia Beel will fascinate you with its abundance of flora and fauna. During the winter, migratory birds flock to this lake, making it a bird watcher's paradise. Bagheswari Temple, one of the oldest Shakti Peeth dating its origin back to 10th-11th century is about five kilometres from the town. This brief sojourn with Bongaigaon will not leave you disappointed for sure. It will probably be your first experience of experiential tourism along with conventional tourism which will be the essence of travel in the days ahead.

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Bongaigaon is well connected by rail transportation, since the railway junction at Bongaigaon connects to the majority of India's major cities and towns. It is also easily accessible by luxury bus from Guwahati. The nearest airport is Guwahati which is about 210 km from the Bongaigaon Town.