Raas Purnima and the Raas Mahotsav of Majuli: Life of Lord Krishna depicted through art form

Majuli often called the soul of Assam is the largest river island in the world. The green paddy fields, beautiful landscapes, serene nature, and the hospitality of the people will surely leave you mesmerised once you visit Majuli Island.

There are lot of reasons to visit the mesmerising Majuli, be its serene environ or witnessing the humble life of the villagers, Majuli will give you the much needed calm away from the hustle of the city life. Since Raas Mahotsav is approaching in Majuli and if you want to experience the celebrations and the rich culture of Assam, do get yourselves seats to the captivating plays put up the locals of Majuli.

Raas Festival is celebrated on a big scale in Majuli and is one of the most prominent festivals of Majuli Island. It is celebrated in the Satras of Majuli on the full moon day of Aghun month. (First or second week of November). In this festival, the life of Lord Krishna is seen to be elaborated as an art form where the locals get together and enact various Bhaonas. (Religious plays)

The various Satras of Majuli hosts the Raas Leela festival with a unique combination of dance, music and acting. Raas Leela was first started in Dakhinpat Satra in Majuli more than three hundred years ago. It was then started as a Vedic system of puja during Raas Purnima. The system of Raas was later developed and some theatrical elements were added to make it more entertaining to the gathering of people during the observation of Raas Purnima. This festival can be described as both the amalgamation of various elements of Vedic traditions and dramatic practices by the artists. The enactment of the Raas Leela festival that follows the Vedic traditions is performed across the open space while the dramatic representation of the Raas Leela festival is held on the stage at the Satras of Majuli. Raas Leela in the Vedic tradition is held across 20 out of the 50 stages of Majuli and a lot of people come to witness the festivals on the open space.

Besides the Satras in Majuli, Raas Leela is celebrated at several community halls, temporary pandals and Naamghars. This is now not a festival of Satras but most of the culturally interested inhabitants belonging to different caste and communities in Majuli celebrate Raas Purnima. One should not miss out the Raas Leela celebrations in the Garamur Satra where the tickets to the festival gets booked almost one month prior to the schedule of the festival and the place is where a wonderful technique of presentation provides a special dimension to the Raas Leela festivities.