Rejuvenate your Soul at the only Hill Station of Assam: Haflong

Assam has rightfully earned its name as the land of blue hills and the red river. Be it the vast green expanse, teeming wildlife, majestic river, or the immaculate tea gardens, Assam with its welcoming beautiful people have something in store for each visitor.

The moment we mention about Assam, a series of vivid images floods the mind- tea plantations, the majestic Brahmaputra River, the one-horned rhino gazing in Kaziranga, people splendidly dressed to the rhythms of Bihu. Yes, Assam is all these and much more.

Assam also boasts about a picturesque hilly retreat that is an absolute dreamy paradise for nature lovers, adventure seekers or photograph enthusiasts. This dreamy paradise is Haflong, the only hill station of Assam in Dima Hasao district. A visit amidst the mountains will surely rejuvenate your energy and the picturesque view will surely mesmerise you. The blue ridge mountains, scenic rivers and rumbling waterfalls will let your heart experience like never before. It will undoubtedly be worthwhile to return once you have set foot in the lap of Haflong.

Here are a list of places that you must visit Haflong:

Haflong Lake: You cannot miss this picturesque lake while you are at Haflong. It will almost make you feel like you are in the gorgeous Lake District in England. Relax your soul here by simply taking a stroll at the lake’s periphery.

Jatinga: Just 10 kms away from Haflong, this place is rather the most famous or infamous spot where the mysterious bird suicide takes place. From an elevated watch tower, you can observe birds succumbing to their death wish and losing their small feathers. Because of this mysterious phenomenon, it becomes ornithologist’s attraction

Thuruk: If you want to enjoy snowfall in Assam, this small village located nearly 38 km from Haflong is truly a nature’s paradise.

Panimur Waterfalls: Panimur is famous for its ethereal beauty. Panimur’s main attraction is the surging waterfall formed by the river Kopili. The crystal clear water of the falls makes it a scintillating destination. Sometimes you might be able to the see the colour of the water ranging from turquoise to emerald-blue depending on the seasons.