Umananda Island

Located in the middle of mighty Brahmaputra, Umananda Island is the smallest island of the world offering its visitors a pristine and calm environment. While you stand on the mighty Brahmaputra, your eyes shall be blessed by the nature’s creation. This tiny islet situated right in the middle of the river has a unique structure. It resembles the splayed feathers of a peacock, hence the name Peacock Island.

This temple which is located to the east of the legendary Kamakhya is the place where Lord Shiva burned God of Love, Kamdev into ashes for interrupting his deep meditation. As the story goes, Lord Shiva was no longer interested in the world after Sati’s death and entered into a yogic penance. The God of love, Kamdev tried to arouse love in Lord Shiva’s cold heart for the Himalayan king’s daughter Parvati. Parvati was actually an avatar for Shiva’s dead wife Sati herself. However, this did not please Lord Shiva and he was so much enraged that he opened his third eye and reduced Kamdev to ashes.

While you stand on the banks of river Brahmaputra, this picturesque location will be an unforgettable experience for the visitors. The only dwellers in the temple are the priests and the caretakers of the temple. However, during the time of Shivratri, tourist’s makes a beeline to this floating place of worship.

Boats and ferries are available just a couple of minutes away from the Kachari Ghat to reach the island.

Days Required to Cover

Visitors can explore the entire region at leisure within a day. By the time the tour is over the day light will start to fade.

Things to do

Visitors can truly enjoy the nature’s cradle in Umananda. Visitors will fall in love with the location over and over again because of its ambience and serenity. Additionally, you can also watch golden langurs and some other cheeky primates.

Places to Visit

Umananda Island offers its visitors a plethora of exciting scenic attractions in and around itself. Umananda Temple and Saraighat Bridge are some of them.

Best time to visit

The island remains scenic throughout the year. However, many people visit this place during the festival of Maha Shivratri due to its grand and vibrant celebrations in the temple.

Famous for

Umananda is the smallest island of the world, also it is home to golden langurs that are endangered species.


Accommodation facilities

A wide range of hotels and homestays are available in Guwahati city ranging from budget to luxury ones.

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