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Ugratara Temple

Dedicated to Goddess Sati, Ugratara Temple is an important Shakti Peetha after Kamakhya Temple. Guwahati is blessed to have two important “Shakti Peethas” in its folds. It is believed that Ugratara is the place where Sati’s naval fell, first consort of Shiva. There is no idol of Goddess Ugratara but there is pit filled with water which is considered to be the goddess. After Kamakhya temple, Goddess Ugratara is venerated with lots of offerings. Several devotees flung there to shower offerings to the Goddess and earn her blessings. This beautiful temple is situated at Latasil near Uzaan Bazaar. There is also a Shiva temple behind the main temple. The famous Jor Pukhuri also lies to the east of the temple.