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Located 35 kms north of Guwahati, Sualkuchi is one of the world’s largest weaving village that produces the best silk in the state and is often referred to as the Manchester of east. This quaint village occupies a unique place in the silk production in the world. Almost every house in this village has hand operated looms which are called ‘taatxaal’ where the rhythmic click-clack of the ‘taatxaal’ can be heard from the streets. Here, weaving is not just a tradition handed down by ancestors, but a way of life and labour of love. Visitors can observe this talented weavers giving birth to intricate patterns of the golden Muga Silk.

Sualkuchi weavers have been producing exotic indigenous silk and have been able to generate employment for the locals and make them self-dependent. The village produces varieties of silk: the Golden Muga, The White Paat and the Warm Eri. Silk grown all over the world find their way to Sualkuchi. Mekhala Chadars and gamusas made from these indigenous materials is in very high demand throughout Assam and other parts of the country. A sojourn in Sualkuchi will be a rare experience and perhaps that is the reason why most of the visitors to this place develop an emotional attachment to it. The picturesque tiny hills on one side, well-tended agricultural fields on the other combine Sualkuchi a serene rustic landscape. Local residents are very hospitable and organize learning treks through the entirety of the village for tourists to have a first-hand idea in the art of weaving.

Sualkuchi’s weaving tradition dates way back to 11th century when King of Pala Dynasty sponsored the craft and brought few weaving families from Tantikuchi and made them settle in Sualkuchi. The ancient temples, devalayas and Satras bears the testimony of its ancient glory.

Sualkuchi can be termed as the potential hub of experiential tourism which is still at a very nascent stage in Assam.

Days Required to Cover

A daylong visit to Sualkuchi is enough to cover this quaint town.

Things to do

While you are at Sualkuchi, this quaint village allows you to witness the lives of the village locals and experience their culture and traditions in the truest forms. Wrapped in its rich culture and heritage, you can watch their excellent skills and craftsmanship with very fascinating and intricate designs in their workshop. The Vastra Udyaan near the entrance of Sualkuchi houses a museum which showcases life at Sualkuchi. If you are visiting in winter, you should stay for the Raas Mahotsava. The Doul Yatra is also a festival which is celebrated with lot of fervor.

Places to Visit


Famous for

Sualkuchi is one of the largest weaving villages in the world. The world famous Assamese Silk, the Golden Muga and Paat Silk are formed here.

Best time to visit

With its rich culture and heritage, incredible silk work, Sualkuchi welcomes visitors throughout the entire course of the year.


One can stay at Guwahati & make a daylong visit to Sualkuchi


How to reach

It is easily accessible from Guwahati by taxis or other means of public conveyance.