Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Located 30 kms away from Guwahati city, this sanctuary is situated close to the renowned Mayong village in Morigaon district. The sanctuary is spread over 38.81 sq.km, Pobitora was declared a reserved forest in 1971 and a wildlife sanctuary in 1987. While it harbours the highest density of one-horned rhinoceros in the world, it has the second concentration of rhinos after Kaziranga in India.

This sanctuary came into limelight when rhinos were sighted in 1961-62, it is a unique blend of shelter, food and habitat condition because of its water bodies, vast alluvial grasslands, open woodland and mixed forest. Apart from the Rhinos, it also boasts of housing the asiatic buffalo, wild bear, leopard and wild cats. The marshy land of Pobitora also attracts 200 species of migratory birds who like to make it their home for a temporary period. With birds-both resident and migratory that are found in abundance here, Pobitora is a paradise for bird lovers as well nature admirers.

Days Required to Cover

A long day or even a half day trip will allow visitors to adorne the lush reserve. One can also opt to stay over for a day or two nearby the sanctuary and explore the area at leisure.

Things to do

Pobitora offers a bountiful of wildlife in order to experience the wild at maximum. Visitors can take both elephant ride and a jeep safari to observe wildlife at quarters. The marshy lands of the Wildlife Sanctuary serves a ground for migratory birds and visitors can watch them from the closest possible distance while taking a ride on elephant or a jeep safari.

Places to Visit

While you travel to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, one can make a quick excursion to the fascinating Mayong village that literally weaves magic which is just a few kilometers away. Right opposite the entrance lies the Haduk Hanging Bridge, Garanga Beel which will be a delight to watch.

Best time to visit

One can visit Pobitora at any time of the year but the best time to visit the sanctuary is considered between mid-October to March end

Famous for

Pobitora is home to Assam’s second largest population of rhinoceros after Kaziranga National Park.


Accommodation facilities

Assam Tourism Development Corporation Limited offers excellent accommodation facilities in an around Guwahati city. There are also decent resorts and tent houses with all modern amenities.

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