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Located on the banks of the Brahmaputra in Morigaon district, a few kilometers from Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary lies the quaint village, Mayong which once used to be the cradle of Black magic. This mystical town is still considered to be the abode of witches and magicians. Black magic, sorcery were practiced here since ages and it has been passed on to generations. There is no scientific authenticity of these stories but the whole experience of opening yourself to this world is certainly worth a try visiting to this mystical place. Remnants of old temples on hillocks surrounding Mayong is an indicator to its tantric or black magic past. When you visit Mayong, the locals will offer you palm reading and people here claim to predict a person’s future using seashells and broken glass pieces generally harmless. Almost 120 wizards and witch doctors called as Bez in the local language resides in this village who claim to treat any ailment, misfortune and beat the ghost out of the possessed. The village has a community museum showcasing ancient magic literature and relics and also an old rock with some undeciphered writings.

Days Required to Cover

A half day excursion is enough and one can club a visit to Mayong with Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary which is at a touching distance..

Things to do

While travelling to Mayong visitors can interact with locals to know their incredible stories associated with magic. You can also explore a number of artefacts and archaeological relics, along with some books on ancient Ayurveda and black magic, which can be found in the Mayong Central Museum and Emporium. Magic shows are arranged on demand in the village. Visiting Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary which is very close to Mayong will give you an experiencing an astonishing fusion of magic and wildlife.

Places to Visit

Best time to visit

Visitors can visit Mayong throughout the year but the best time to visit Mayong during winter season where the weather remains cool and pleasant. Also Mayong Pobitora Festival is organised during winter (November) which makes the best time and even more exciting.

Famous for

Mayong is famous for ‘The Land of Black Magic’

Accommodation/ Facilities

Pobitora has a Tourism Complex of Assam Tourism Development Corporation and recently a Log Hut Cottage Complex of A.T.D.C has also come up at Pobitora which is due for operation soon. There are also few private resorts.


How to reach

The Nearest Airport is Guwahati which is 75 km from Mayong/Pobitora and nearest railhead is Jagiroad which is at a distance of 35 km. Best option is to alight for onward journey by road to Mayong from Guwahati