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Located in the southern part of Assam, Karimganj is a small town away from the city hustles. Although this quaint town is not a casual visitor’s itinerary, it has its own importance. It is important because of its location, just on the Bangladesh border with the river Kushiara flowing in between. Originally a part of kingdom of Tripura, the region was taken over by the Koch dynasty. After the demise of the last ruler of the Koch dynasty, the region declared its independence and Khaspur was born. Subsequently the area was annexed by the British and Silchar became the district headquarters.

Wrapped in its beauty, Karimganj is one of the most beautiful cities which presents joys of nature at its best. The flourishing greenery that engulfs this place and the beautiful river that flow here makes the town a heavenly abode. If you have a penchant for crops and animals apart from the scenic landscapes, then this place will offer you an ecstatic view.

Days Required to Cover

You can plan two or three days to cover this quaint town.

Things to do

Karimganj has a peaceful setting on its own unlike the hustles of city, you can actually relax at utmost peace with plenty of meandering walks and quiet picnics by the river bank. This serene destination will just be a perfect place.

Places to Visit

You should mark these places to checkout while you are in Karimganj.

Malegarh Burial Site

Son Beel

Badarpur Fort

Kali Bari Temple

Best time to visit

October-March are best time to visit this town as it will be pleasant enough to explore the town at leisure.

Famous for

Karimganj is best known for Son Beel which is the second largest seasonal wetland in Asia.


Accommodation facilities

There are varieties of hotels available in Karimganj that are equipped with handy amenities.

How to reach


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