Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary

Hollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary in Assam is best known for its population of Hoolock Gibbon, the only ape species found in India. Located at 25 kms from Jorhat town, this sanctuary is an evergreen forest. Interestingly, these Hoolock Gibbons are very shy creatures and rarely come down to the ground. They even quench their thirst from water content of leaves. They live in monogamous family groups and would pair only with a member of the opposite sex from another group or family. A gibbon would rather remain alone, as a widower and never pair after one of them is dead.

Hollongapar is the only sanctuary in India with seven primate species; those other than gibbon are stump-tailed macaque, rhesus macaque, northern pig-tailed macaque, Assamese macaque, slow loris and capped langur. Home to a variety of reptiles and 219 species of birds, this wildlife sanctuary is among the best spectacles of Assam

Days Required to Cover

Usually it takes a day to witness the beautiful flora and fauna especially of the primate species.

Things to do

The only mode of exploring the jungle is by trekking as there are no other options available there. It will be an enthralling experience for visitors to observe wildlife at a close. A visit to the nearby tea estates which are over 100 years old can be very satisfying for visitors where they can witness the process of tea growing and making.

Places to Visit

On the way to Jorhat, visitors can also explore the world’s first tea research institute at Tocklai. Visiting Sukapha Samanway Kshetra which is on the outskirts of Jorhat, one can learn about the rich history of Assam. Travelling to Majuli, the world’s largest inhabited river island and nerve-centre of classical Assamese music, dance and theatre will also be an added attraction.

Best time to visit

The sanctuary is open throughout the year but the best time to visit is from October to April to hold a glimpse of wildlife.

Famous for

This sanctuary is famous for hoolock gibbons, the only ape species found in the country.


Accommodations facilities

Gibbon Eco-camp and Gibbon home-stay are the two decent places of accommodation nearby the sanctuary. Assam Tourism Development Corporation Limited offers a very comfortable stay in its Prashanti Tourist Lodge in Jorhat. There are also many private hotels at Jorhat and Mariani. One can also stay in old-world tea bungalows admiring the green terrains of the tea estates.

How to reach

Nearest Airport is Jorhat & nearest Railway station is Mariani. One can hire taxis from Jorhat & Mariani to visit Gibbon.

Current weather

The climate in Jorhat is generally pleasant. The area receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon nourishing the forest area.