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One cannot miss visiting Haflong in Dima Hasao, the only hill station in Assam. Tucked in between majestic hills, Haflong serves as the headquarter of Dima Hasao. This gorgeous valley, its scenic beauty and, crystal clear waterfalls are the best of Haflong that you can witness and is untouched. Its unadulterated beauty will bless your eyes and it is often called the “Switzerland of Northeast”. The town is wrapped in abundance of greenery, flora and fauna and foggy mountains around and on a good day perhaps you will be able to see the gradually proceeding mist sweeping past your feet.

Days Required to Cover

Visitors can plan three-four days to cover this serene destination.

Things to do

Haflong is small enough to be explored on foot. You can go on walks to villages with orchids around and feel every inch of its beauty. You can also take small treks in this enchanting valley. If you are an aviphile, this place can will be treasure love for you. If you are staying in Circuit House, then it will be an added advantage as the sweeping views of the valley will leave you in awe and wishing that you could see such beauty every day. Such is the exquisiteness of this valley.

Places to Visit

You shouldn’t miss these places when you visit Haflong.

Best time to visit

You can visit Haflong throughout the year. You can visit this destination both in summers and winters as the weather conditions are rather cool and pleasant here. Avoid travelling in monsoon as it receives heavy rainfall.

Famous for

It is the only hill station in Assam

Accommodation facilities

There are several accommodation facilities in Haflong with amenities like air conditioning, toiletries, tissue box and much more. Visitors can consider staying in luxury or budget friendly hotels of their choice.


How to reach


Current Weather

Since it is a hilly region, the climate is pleasant throughout the year. The summers are rather cool here unlike any part of the state.