Guwahati Planetarium

The first and the biggest planetarium in entire Northeast India, the Guwahati Planetarium has been providing significant service in terms of inculcating scientific temperament and awareness about space and astronomy. The planetarium has state of the art projection system. It also has a virtual reality zone and astronomical gallery as well as telescopes to watch stars.

The Guwahati planetarium is an endeavour to cater to the scientific needs of the students and children. Besides daily shows, the Planetarium also regularly organises seminars, workshops and conferences for the astronomy fraternity, and exhibitions, quizzes and outdoor viewing facilities during eclipses for students and the local community. The Guwahati Planetarium is a sincere attempt to reach the young and scientifically inclined minds and provide them a glimpse of the available treasure trove assembled over centuries by the human explorers.

Apart from the regular sky watching sessions conducted by the experts at the planetarium, special shows projected on a dome shaped overhead screen are the star attraction of the Planetarium. These shows are available in Assamese and English. The timings are as convenient with enough entertainment at the planetarium museum and science section to keep enthusiasts busy. The Planetarium has a unique hybrid planetarium projection system, the first one of its kind in the entire Northeast region. It is the second planetarium in India to get such a system, the first one being in New Delhi Planetarium.

Days Required to Cover

A few hours is sufficient to explore Guwahati Planetarium.

Things to do

Visitors will be enthralled with a heavenly experience when they will watch the sky-watching sessions. Apart from sky gazing, they also organise programmes like watching astronomical objects and other celestial events through the telescope. Visitors can watch the shows in three different languages i.e. Assamese, Hindi and English.

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Best time to visit

Guwahati Planetarium welcome visitors throughout the year. The Planetarium remains close on 1st and 15th of every month for maintenance.

Famous for

Guwahati Planetarium is a center for astronomical education and research. It is the first of its kind in the entire Northeast, sought to enlighten people about the leaps of science in the field of astronomy.


Accommodation facilities

Guwahati offers a wide range of accommodations starting from home-stays and hotels with excellent facilities.

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