Panimoor Falls

Panimur is popularly known amongst tourists and is truly a paradise on Earth. Panimur is mostly known for its waterfalls that is formed by the river Kopili. The see-through water of the falls makes it a scintillating destination. Sometimes you might be able to the see the colour of the water ranging from turquoise to emerald-blue depending on the seasons. This site is also considered as a scared site for the Dimasa tribe. They take holy baths in the river on every Magh Purnima.

Places to Visit



Best Time to Visit

Panimur welcome travellers throughout the year as the weather conditions are rather pleasant here than rest of the places in Assam. Travellers should avoid traveling in monsoon as it experiences heavy rainfall.

Famous for

Panimur waterfalls became popular among the tourists because of its breath-taking panoramic view of the surroundings. What makes its more popular is that though the waterfall is obstructed by stones yet it seems like milky water gushing from top.