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Ultapani Reserve Forest

Ultapani Reserve Forest is a biodiversity area situated under Holtugaon Forest Division of Manas Biosphere reserve situated in Kokrajhar district, Assam, India. The name means "The Reverse Water", the river which flows through the forest in the direction west to east unlikely other rivers flows east to west. It is located in Kokrajhar Tehsil of Kokrajhar district in Assam, India. It is situated 55 km away from Kokrajhar, which is both district & sub-district headquarter of Ultapani Forest.

The Ultapani reserve forest plays a very important part of the Manas Biosphere Reserve. The forest type of Ultapani is a unique one which comprises mostly semi evergreen and moist deciduous type. The plants are basically evergreen and semi evergreen. Among these some plants have medicinal values, some are edible fruits, while, some of them are oil and timber yielding plants with great economic prospects. Ultapani is the "Haven of Butterfly" and the natural home of Golden langur, famous Great Pied Hornbill and some other RET species. Orchids are also the strength of Ultapani Reserve Forest. But, unfortunately the valuable asset of this forest is now threatened due to over exploitation of forest resources by forest mafias and encroachment for agricultural and human settlements by economically poor People in the forest lands living there in. Which creates lots of problems to the wild animals and it will effect adversely to the ecological balance. This paper highlighting upon the present status of conservation, richness of Biodiversity and tourism of Ultapani Reserve Forest.

Visit Ultapani Reserve Forest

Ultapani Reserve Forest can be visited From October to April.
The nearest Airport to Ultapani Reserve Forest is Rupsi Airport, Kokrajhar. It is approximatly 108 KM away.
The nearest Train Station to Ultapani Reserve Forest is Basugaon. It is approximatly 28 KM away.
The nearest Bus Station to Ultapani Reserve Forest is . It is approximatly KM away.

Ultapani Reserve Forest is under the juridiction of . Their contact number as per our record is .

Nearest Madical Facilty to Ultapani Reserve Forest is . Their contact number as per our record is .