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Sukapha Khetra

Sukapha Samanay Khetra was constructed in the memory of the first Ahom king of Assam, Chaolung Siu- Ka- Pha. A monument of immense pride endowed with beautiful and natural surroundings, the Khetra provides visitors with necessary information and a glimpse of the glorious history of Assam and the Ahom Dynasty. The valiant leadership of the Sukapha is also a major highlight; a large sized statue of Swargadeo Chaulung Sukapha is installed at the centre of? the cultural premise facing the lawn. In addition to this there is a heritage museum and handloom and craft centre within the cultural premises.

Visit Sukapha Khetra

Sukapha Khetra can be visited Throughout the year.
The nearest Airport to Sukapha Khetra is Rowriah Airport, Jorhat. It is approximatly 20 KM away.
The nearest Train Station to Sukapha Khetra is Jorhat . It is approximatly 16 KM away.
The nearest Bus Station to Sukapha Khetra is Jorhat. It is approximatly 13 KM away.

Sukapha Khetra is under the juridiction of Pulibor Outpost. Their contact number as per our record is 070023-34547.

Nearest Madical Facilty to Sukapha Khetra is JMCH, Jorhat. Their contact number as per our record is 0376-2370109.