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The word Semkhor is a combination of two words, Sem and Dikhor which means salt and well.As legend goes,a Dimasa king had stationed his elite warriors at this vantage point to guard the saline water wells here.After the fall of Maibang and subsequent departure of the Dimasa King to Cachar, the Semkhor people continued to live in this self-contained village without much contact with the outside world. Even today things have not changed as much, although the saline water wells have fallen to disuse.

Visit Semkhor

Semkhor can be visited throughout the year.
The nearest Airport to Semkhor is Kumbhirgram Airport, Silchar. It is approximatly 192 KM away.
The nearest Train Station to Semkhor is New Haflong. It is approximatly 87 KM away.
The nearest Bus Station to Semkhor is Maibang. It is approximatly 30 KM away.

Semkhor is under the juridiction of Maibang. Their contact number as per our record is 03673-282421.

Nearest Madical Facilty to Semkhor is Maibang. Their contact number as per our record is 099574-90699.