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Molai Forest

Molai forest is referred to as one man forest and is named after the renowned environmental activist, Jadav Payeng. When the forest was abandoned by the forestry division of Golaghat district in 1983, Jadav single handedly put in 30 years of efforts into making the forest encompassing an area of 1360 acre. Located near the banks of the mighty river, the Brahmaputra, this forest reserve is a habitat of thousands of valuable trees including Arjun, silk trees, bamboo,cotton trees, valcol trees. This reserve has been the site for a number of films and documentaries.

Visit Molai Forest

Molai Forest can be visited From October to April.
The nearest Airport to Molai Forest is Rowriah Airport, Jorhat. It is approximatly 18 KM away.
The nearest Train Station to Molai Forest is Jorhat . It is approximatly 14 KM away.
The nearest Bus Station to Molai Forest is Jorhat. It is approximatly 15 KM away.

Molai Forest is under the juridiction of Jorhat. Their contact number as per our record is 0376-2320018.

Nearest Madical Facilty to Molai Forest is JMCH, Jorhat. Their contact number as per our record is 0376-2370109.