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Khatara Satra

Khatara Satra is considered as one of the oldest satras of Assam, situated at Dipika, around 22 KM away from Mandaldoi town of Darrang district of Assam. The desciple of Sri Madhavdeba, Lechakonia Gobinda Ata founded the Satra around 450 years ago. It's now a leading center for research and promotion of sattriya culture not only in Darrang district. Really a nice and ancient assamese historical temple, established by Govinda Aata (student of Mahapurush Sankardev). At March, 2020 this Satra will complete 450 yrs establish anniversary. I'm feeling very blessed and lucky after visit. Khatara Satra was founded by Lechakonia Govinda Aatoi, the submissive disciple of Saint Madhavdeva in 1568 AD. Govinda Aatoi was prominent amongst the twelve Dharmacharyya of Madhavdeva. Born at the Lechakona village of Rangia, Aatoi got initiated to Mahapurush Madhavdeva and later on dedicated himself to the propagation of Vaishnavism. It was virtuous Aatoi who in real sense became capable of streamlining the “Neo-Vaishnava” religion in Darrang district.

Mahapurush Madhavdeva took firm determination to turn his dream into reality and since he had the special responsibility and was busy in connection with the propagation and development of Vaishnavism in different places, he entrusted Govinda Aatoi with the task of preaching the same in Darrang district.and Aatoi was sent to Darrang with the noble objective of preaching Vaishnavism there. With the blessings of Guru, Aatoi along with three of his ‘Bhakat’ followers set out on a journey by boat to Darrang. According to “Govinda Charit” composed by Dwija Bhabananda Mishra, setting up Satra at first at Bhulungmukh, Aatoi, later on went to Panisheli and Nagara with the same mission but failed to establish Satra there. Consequently, Aatoi, while travelling with his followers in search of suitable places arrived incidentally at the place where Khatara Satra is now located.

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Khatara Satra can be visited throughout the year.
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