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Khanduli is 26 KM from Hamren, on the Jowai-Shillong Road bordering the state of Meghalaya.It is a breath-taking grassland where wild red berries, pigmy gooseberries and shrubs of colorful wild flowers would lure and enthrall you all the way to the tourist lodge, atop a high green mount that overlooks a wide expanse of the tranquil and panoramic slopes of moderate grassland. No wonder! This alluring site is christened as the New Zealand of the East.

Visit Khanduli

Khanduli can be visited from November to February.
The nearest Airport to Khanduli is Umroi Airport, Meghalaya. It is approximatly 34.3 KM away.
The nearest Train Station to Khanduli is Hojai. It is approximatly 74.3 KM away.
The nearest Bus Station to Khanduli is Langhemphi. It is approximatly 5 KM away.

Khanduli is under the juridiction of Hamren. Their contact number as per our record is .

Nearest Madical Facilty to Khanduli is Hamren Civil Hospital. Their contact number as per our record is .