Bezor Doul

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Bezor Doul

Here exists a brick-built temple having an octagonal garbhagrihawith a narrow antaralaattached to it, datable to the late mediaeval period of Ahom reign. A traditional medicine practitioner of Ahom kingdom (Bez), who belonged to the 'Chung khel', got promoted from Bez to Bezbaruah for his excellent medical treatment to the Royal family. He received a large area of land from the Ahom king at the present day Bezor Pathar area, where he went on to construct the Bezor Doul.

Visit Bezor Doul

Bezor Doul can be visited throughout the year.
The nearest Airport to Bezor Doul is Mohanbari Airport, Dibrugarh. It is approximatly 59 KM away.
The nearest Train Station to Bezor Doul is Moran. It is approximatly 20 KM away.
The nearest Bus Station to Bezor Doul is Demow. It is approximatly 5 KM away.

Bezor Doul is under the juridiction of . Their contact number as per our record is .

Nearest Madical Facilty to Bezor Doul is . Their contact number as per our record is .