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A village that literally weaves magic is Mayong, 35 km east of Guwahati and adjoining Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary. Blessed with a magical ambience, Mayong is an occult village where reside at least 120 wizards and witch doctors oja or bej in the local languagewho have a spell for every ailment or misfortune, and can beat the ghosts out of the possessed.

Remnants of old temples on hillocks surrounding Mayong are probably a pointer to its tantric or black magic past. The place has four important temples Kechaikhaiti shrine of Burha Mayong, Narashinha Ashram of Hiloikhunda, Ganesh temple of Hatimuria and Shiva shrine of Kachashila and a community museum showcasing ancient magic literature and relics. (Contact: Mayong Vilage Museum & Research Centre, mobile: 9854479746)

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