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The 18th century Rangghar, Asia’s first amphitheatre, at Sivasagar town exemplifies the best of Ahom architecture. The octagonal, two-storey structure stands on exotic material—jaggery, black gram, elephant grass, limestone, snail ooze, filtered lime powder, long fish bones, mustard oil, incense, and of course bricks and big stones. Members of the royalty watched buffalo and elephant fights, duels and sporting events from the upper storey while commoners enjoyed them sitting on earthen mounds that once surrounded Rangghar.

The amphitheatre is close to Talatal Ghar or ‘underground palace’, the largest of the Ahom monuments. The irregularly shaped palace had seven storeys, three of them underground with two secret tunnels – one of them 16 km long – for use as escape routes during enemy attacks. The underground chambers have been sealed but visitors can view the remnants of the upper storeys. Another multi-storeyed palace is the Kareng Ghar.

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